Location  :Bangna, Bangkok

Owner      :Sansiri development

Landscape Architect : Redland-scape.ltd

Architect  :I'll Design studio

Status       :Completed in 2019

The upper quality of living on the riverbank.

For centuries, waterways have provided Thai people with their staple foods of rice and fish, fueled that have made the land fertile. Canal or klong began to innervate the city and contributed significantly to the cityscape and the inhabitant lifestyle.

       Burasiri project is housing estate located on the riverbank of Klong Samrong (800 years man-made canal) Bang-bo, Samut prakan. Take a step away from chaos to the hidden sanctuary only 40 minutes from heart of Bangkok. The design mobilized Thai cultural riverside lifestyle blended with moderns. Feature of contemporary Thai architecture and landscape, Where the rediscovery of traditions, Juxtaposed to the historical canal.

      Indulge riverside living along with exclusive blue retreat and slow life mood and tone. Landscape planning are concentrated to used river rhyme as main concept design. Curves of natural water flow create walkway and open spaces. In addition, Thai loft and crafted was inspired outdoor material and detail technique, such as traditional fishing tools, celapot or rattan pattern, that appears from the entrance gate to the riverside park. Yet, the park provided various activities to appreciate the calm of nature in every step.