Type         :COMMERCIAL

Location  :Suvannabhumi, Bangkok

Owner      :Central Pattana Development

Landscape Architect : Redland-scape.ltd

Status       :Completed in 2019

     Central Village, Bangkok luxury outlet, is Thailand’s first international outlet shopping village offering extraordinary everyday of the world’s leading brands. Located next to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Central Village is easily accessible by car and public transport.

    Marvel at modern Thai architecture with its elegant gable roofs and intricate façade designs. Landscape concept design is inspired from traditional Siam riverside living. Chaopraya river is main river and living heart of Siam (Rattanakosin Island). Central village is dominated by zoning of village which metaphor from traditional living between palace (as Luxury court) and 4 village clusters. The Pure materials and crafting workmanship of Thai people reflects into 4 zoning, Wood zone, Mold zone, Wicker zone and metal zone.  Each with their own specialization and beautiful, lush landscaping with differences shape and form to create an unforgettable shopping experience at a world-class outlet destination.

      In the past, this site location recently flood area which is difficult to control the flooding level. Our design team delicately to solve problems by elevating all structure over the flood area. Therefore, less light level condition and salty soil quality, Plant species were selected to solve these existing site conditions to accomplish this successful project. Land cut and fill to support the water flood level. Meanwhile, deconstruction cost by planting tall trees from the lower level area and penetrate void some area for growing the tree from bottom up to above for increase shade and natural space.

     The traditional and identity of Thailand’s pure materials, Beautiful patterns, man crafting and water living, such as diamond-shape, folding door, water market, waterfront house, potted, woodwork, metal craft that’s all make sense of place to this project.