Name      :MOBI SUKHUMVIT 40


Location  :Ekmai District, Bangkok

Owner      :Ananda Development

Landscape Architect : Redland-scape.ltd

Architect  : Tandem Architect

Status       :Completed in 2019

       IDEO MOBI Sukhumvit 40,premium design residential, located on Sukhumvit road which is in the center of Bangkok that amid of urban pollution and absence of green spaces problem. The design team carries out a concept which intricately connects the resident with nature by creating an urban oasis enriched with biodiversity built around spectacular activities right at their home. By creating central courtyard and outdoor space in order to increase the usability, helping to enhance new experience of living among natural and peaceful and.the quality of life in a sustainable way.

       After facing several challenges on the property, the design team collaborated with architects to propose several options to reduce the building footprint and increase green space by stacking up the units vertically and expanding into the ultimate green space besides creating a greenery courtyard. Sanctuary Courtyard was selected as a main key for landscape concept. Landscape work collaborated with Architect to propose visual link from courtyard to roof garden. Landscape characteristic was design as in modern language which is metaphor green fragmentation. Like Green oasis which is naturally occurred in the middle of urban space.

        Softscape also significant design as a urban forest with species diversification to achieve Urban forest Characteristic. The planting was also meticulously selected in order to serve as a first line defense in filtering dust and purifying the air. In addition, Benefits for user by reduces stress and high blood pressure and also boost the immune system.